MoonHome is shutting down

Hello everyone, Long story short, I can no longer develop or maintain this service. It has become impossible both financialy and due to my personal time constraints.

Thank you all who gave MoonHome a shot and provided me with priceless feedback.

What will happen?

All servers, volumes, IPs and DNS records will be permanently deleted on 2022.02.28. To prevent data loss you must log in into your MoonHomes and take out necessary files.

What's next?

While MoonHome will be soon gone, there are plenty of alternatives you can use today, to name a few:
In case of any questions feel free to reach out to me at


Remote Development Environment

Escape slow networks and underpowered notebooks.

Registration is closed.

Moonhome 2
  • Unrestricted computing power

    OS, UI, web browser are all fighting for limited resources. Each time you wait for your application to compile or reload, you lose time and focus.

    MoonHome servers are ready to run at 100% CPU all the time. And that power can be dedicated solely to your development needs.

  • Fast, stable network

    Lousy Wi-Fi, tiny bandwidth, lost sessions, NAT, proxy tunnels. Running any operation from your office or home network is a risky business. 

    MoonHome gives you a stable, low-latency, symmetric 1Gbps/1Gbps network.

  • Secure by default

    When not used, Moonhome is disconnected from the network for maximum protection. When running, it sits safely behind the built-in network firewall.

    We update system images every night, so you don’t have to worry about any of that. 

  • Keep your tools

    Use Visual Studio Code with integrated Git, Terminal and IDE features just like you would use it locally. Or stick to vim + tmux - the choice is yours.

    Leverage your existing dotfiles and make the /home truly yours.

  • Private by design

    We do not have access to your data, there are no containers or proxies. Each MoonHome server is an independent entity with public network interface. You connect to your server directly, without middlemen.

    MoonHome is GDPR-compliant and hosted in the EU.

  • Scheduled or on demand

    You can set up a schedule to make your MoonHome available during your working hours. Or you can start and stop it manually anytime you want.

  • Not a browser IDE

    MoonHome is not a browser-based cloud IDE. You get full access to a remote server over SSH. Work on as many projects as you like, use sudo, run docker, keep your data safe with real persistence.

  • Start small

    You can change your MoonHome machine size anytime. Need something bigger or smaller for some time? Not a problem. In any case we will bill only for the time the server is running. You can also start with a small volume and resize it later when needed.

  • Cold and silent

    Modern notebooks prioritize pretty screen and battery time. And when you do need some more computing power you end up with hot casing and laud fans. It is no longer a pleasant experience. 

    With MoonHome, all the heavy lifting is done on a powerful remote server, so your laptop stays cold and silent.

Affordable pricing

No hidden costs. Pay only for what you use.

Switch machine spec at any time.

* Monthly price estimate based on average usage of 160 hours per month.

Titan 2


Titan 3


Titan 4


Titan 8


Titan 16

Hourly price
Monthly price represents an estimate for 160 hours of usage.
€ 0.02 / hour
€ 0.03 / hour
€ 0.04 / hour
€ 0.08 / hour
€ 0.16 / hour
AMD EPYC 2nd Gen
2 GB
4 GB
8 GB
16 GB
32 GB
SSD Storage
+ € 0.08 / GB / month
+ € 0.08 / GB / month
+ € 0.08 / GB / month
+ € 0.08 / GB / month
+ € 0.08 / GB / month
Static IP

Who is behind this?

Currently, MoonHome is a single-man operation, 100% self-funded.

I've been doing all my development work using MoonHome's prototype for more than six months with a great success. In fact, MoonHome was built entirely on MoonHome.

  • Tymon Tobolski
    Tymon Tobolski

    Software Engineer with over ten years of experience building products and improving developer experience.

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